Inspiring hope, happiness
& emotional healing
through repurposed flowers

Our Story

Small acts of kindness change lives. Simply knowing you are valued — especially during challenging times — can be a great source of hope and comfort. Hope Blooms is a budding nonprofit that repurposes donated flowers by rearranging them into beautiful bedside bouquets and delivering them to community members in need.

All with one message: YOU matter.


With the caring hands of many volunteers, Hope Blooms has created and delivered thousands of bouquets to community members in need.

Who We Serve

We create bouquets for those with long-term illnesses or in hospice care, residents living in nursing homes or assisted living, homebound seniors as well as struggling mothers and families facing loss or difficult times.

“Wow…on behalf of Serenity Assisted Living, we cannot thank you enough for the fresh cut bouquets yesterday! We had a lady move in within the last month and she has been having an extremely hard time, partly because she had to give up her rose garden at her home. To say thank you is not enough as she has had a constant smile on her face since the flowers arrived yesterday. She has been carefully attending to the flowers since. You and this organization is absolutely incredible…and a true blessing! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!”

Denise Tollefson – Serenity Assisted Living

“There is nothing that brings hope, like joy – and nothing that brings joy, quite like a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. Our residents were truly filled with joy upon receiving these “blooms of hope” from Kelly and her team. Thank you all for providing this service to our community. These seemingly simple and random acts of kindness are what makes the world go ‘round, and make each day a gift. We will be talking about your kindness all season! Thank you!”

Anna Leeby – River Pointe of Moorhead

“I got a very nice bouquet of flowers from you [Hope Blooms]. I am 101-plus years old. They made my day, as I could see and smell them as I worked on my computer and iPad. Keep up your good work, as it is very much appreciated.”

Fred Quam – Hope Blooms recipient

“Hope Blooms brightens the day for every resident here at Good Samaritan Fargo with the simple gift of a flower to put by their doorway. Many of the residents appreciate the sudden surprise of a bouquet of flowers just because. A gesture like this can really make a person’s day or week. Seeing the flowers around the facility and having the residents showcase their flowers really ties it all together and just puts a smile on their face. Thank you Hope Blooms for the continuous generosity of your creativity and love you share with our residents and staff of Good Samaritan Fargo.”

Melissa Kassube – Good Samaritan—Fargo Wellness & Recreation Director

“My daughter and I helped make a bouquet delivery to a local nursing home after volunteering one afternoon. As we helped load the cart, the staff remarked at how thoughtful and kind of a gesture the bouquets were, and how the residents were going to be so happy receiving one. When we drove away, my daughter was beaming – because she knew she had been a part of something very special. Hope Blooms is about spreading joy to others – but volunteering alongside my daughter has been an incredible way to experience joy for myself!”

Jessi Zenker – Hope Blooms volunteer

“This morning’s flower delivery was incredible, to say the least. Tanya and Kimmy just left, both in tears. It was especially fun since we had quite a few guys receive flowers today! One said it’s the first time he’s received flowers instead of giving flowers and another got rather emotional when Tanya handed him an arrangement and card. Anyway, later in the hall we ran into him and he said he bought flowers for his wife every week and she loved yellow roses. It was a total fluke that the arrangement Tanya gave him earlier had a big yellow rose right in the center. It couldn’t have been more perfect. Many thanks for all you do!”

Anne-Marie Fitz – Touchmark by Harwood Groves

“Hope Blooms brings smiles to our residents when they receive heartwarming vases of beautiful flowers to their rooms. Their day is brighten with cheerfulness and their rooms with color. We are all so appreciative to receiving such thoughtfulness from Hope Blooms!”

Holly A. Kittelson – Elim Rehab & Care Center

“The Hope Blooms gals were great, gentle and lovely! Their flowers added a bit of beautiful nature to our patients’ day. There’s something soothing and peaceful about flowers—gratefully received by each child!”

Sue – Child Life Assistant, Sanford Children’s Hospital

A Note From Our Founder

I have spent time working in marketing for a hospice organization, spreading the mission and sharing the stories of those who experience it firsthand. Inspired by this work, my sweet Grandma Freda, who I gardened with every summer growing up, and my overall compassion for others, I founded Hope Blooms, a flower-recycling nonprofit to spread hope, happiness and emotional healing to those facing difficult times. My goal is to provide comfort and joy to people who need it most. And to offer a gentle reminder that even in dark times, hope blooms.

-Kelly Krenzel, founder of Hope Blooms

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You Can Help By Donating


We simply could not do what we do without so many generous community volunteers. Hope Blooms offers a variety of volunteer opportunities to individuals and groups alike. From cleaning jars and picking up recycled flowers to arranging bouquets and delivering blooms to residents; there are opportunities for every skillset. Each volunteer opportunity is instructor-led, so don’t let inexperience prevent you from joining us!