A Year in Review: 2020

We are overjoyed to share everything we were able to accomplish in 2020 – even with all the hurdles the pandemic presented. Our mission would simply not be possible without the generous support of our wonderful community members, businesses and more. Thank you can never truly articulate just how much you all mean to us!

The isolation from the pandemic swept across our region, nation, world. But we kept showing up – bouquets in hand, smiles in tact. We are so proud to say we were able to deliver nearly 8,300 bouquets to those in need this year. That’s makes up nearly 1/3 of all the joy we’ve delivered since we began in 2016. Our volunteers helped us shower our community – and beyond – with bedside bouquets. But more importantly helped spread the message of you matter – simply recognizing those in need for their fundamental value as a human being. We could all use that reminder, especially during these challenging times. Our mission stretched to include daycare providers, frontline workers, teachers and so many more. Offering the ever-present reminder that hope is here.

Enjoy the updates below as we review what we accomplished in 2020. Thank you for your continued support!

2020 in review