Office Sign Company donates custom signs for Hope Blooms shop

Vinyl signs being installed on a wall in a flower shop
OSC designed and installed custom vinyl logo and mission signs in the shop.

It’s evident that those who work at Office Sign Company (OSC) enjoy what they do – and that’s design, create and install custom signage. Whether name tags, vehicle wraps, exterior signage or entire wall displays, Office Sign Company is known for their creativity and delivery of any type of signage you could dream up.

But aside from great people, great culture and great customer service, they are great community members. One of OSC’s values is service, which includes serving their customers, employees and their community.

Recently OSC designed, produced and installed custom signage at the Hope Blooms shop, including a banner outside the building to help identify our location; a large, vinyl Hope Blooms logo displayed on the wall; a custom donor display to help recognize our sponsors; and a laser-engraved reclaimed wood donation sign.

After the signage was installed earlier this summer, the OSC spent an evening volunteering at Hope Blooms. From their efforts, 74 bedside bouquets were created for residents at Eventide at Fairmont.

Wooden sign hanging on a wall with a floral ring around it
Custom wooden engraved sign donated by OSC adorns a wall at the Hope Blooms shop.

Read more about their volunteer experience, their commitment to our community, and their belief in the power of signage in this Q&A with Jack Yakowicz, Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

As sign experts, how can signage transform a space? And, having seen the shop before and after, how has signage helped transform Hope Blooms?

We think signs essentially serve three purposes: to educate, to guide and to brand. With the signs that we made for Hope Blooms, we think we’re able to accomplish these three: educating people about who Hope Blooms sponsors are, guiding people to Hope Blooms location and solidifying the solid Hope Blooms brand. All the while, we’re hopeful it made the Hope Blooms space feel a little bit more like home.

Round signs hang on wall in flower shop to denote sponsors
OSC created signage for a custom donor wall.

Tell us a little bit about the Fargo community, through the eyes of the OSC. Why do you love it here, and why does your group continue to give back and get involved?

It’s a true sense of “community,” when you feel like you’re not only supported by, but also able to provide support for a place. At OSC, we benefit from this give and take relationship with Fargo.

We’ve had tons of great businesses step up and support us financially through the creation of their signs. Now, we feel like it’s our duty to give back to others, and we are able to do so through three means: donations, sponsorships and volunteerism.

In the past calendar year, we’ve donated to more than 40 charities, sponsored another 30-plus and volunteered with five. We’re really excited to have a team who is equally passionate about giving back!

Volunteering – let’s talk about the night at Hope Blooms! What was the experience like?

Volunteers create floral bouquets.
OSC team members spent an evening volunteering with Hope Blooms.

The OSCares event we had at Hope Blooms was one of the most creative we’ve ever had! Not only were we able to learn about the great mission behind Hope Blooms, but we had our highest turnout of volunteers (almost 20!) attend.

We all gathered and were able to prepare custom bouquets for some pretty awesome people. It was really unique to see how our team used their own creativity to produce these floral arrangements, and everyone had a great time.

After we got through the flowers, the general vibe in the room was “wow, that’s it? That went fast.” It’s true: time flies when you’re having fun! I’d highly recommend this volunteer activity for any other companies looking to get involved in the FM community.

Meeting our founder, Kelly Krenzel, and seeing the power that small acts of kindness can provide, did you have any takeaways?

There were so many takeaways from that night. To see someone with Kelly’s passion is truly incredible, and it made it that much more special for us to have been able to sponsor this organization, and volunteer with them.

If you’d like to learn more about what OSC does, visit their website:

Learn more about Hope Blooms, how to get involved and support our ongoing efforts by contacting us, or by following us on Facebook or Instagram.