Partner Profile: R.D. Offutt Company

Members of the RDO team volunteered with Hope Blooms for a team-building event.

R.D Offutt Company is a family owned and operated organization based in Fargo, N.D., made up of businesses in the agriculture and construction equipment, farming, real estate and development, and food production industries.

But many in the Fargo-Moorhead community may be most familiar with RDO Equipment Co., the division that sells and supports agriculture, construction, environmental, irrigation and surveying equipment.

The company has nearly 80 locations in nine states (and partnerships in Africa, Australia, Mexico, Russia, and Ukraine) – but it’s here in Fargo, N.D. that RDO calls its “home base” and where its field support office is located.

Serving the community – with an overarching sense of philanthropy – plays an important role at RDO. Giving back is woven into the organization’s culture: a culture and value that Ron Offutt, who founded RDO Equipment Co. more than 50 years ago when he purchased his first John Deere dealership in Casselton, N.D., has helped instill in each of the 2,800-plus team members throughout the country.

R.D. Offutt Company is one of Hope Blooms’ supporters. Read more about RDO’s commitment to Fargo (and beyond) in this Q&A with Jean Zimmerman, Executive Director at Offutt Family Foundation.

In December ’19, members of the RDO team participated in a Hope Blooms volunteer event. What was your experience like?
Walking into Hope Blooms facility and seeing – and smelling – all the fresh flowers and knowing they were donated so that someone else would know they mattered, was exhilarating. Even though I’m not skilled at flower arranging, it didn’t take long to get caught up in the fun experience, knowing it wasn’t about the professionalism of the bouquet, but the receiving of it that mattered.

RDO team members assemble bouquets for residents at an assisted living facility.

As a company, why is it important to R.D. Offutt Company to give back and support others in the community?
We all know our core values are not just posters on the wall but have action words that exemplify what we can expect from each other and what our customers and communities can expect from us.

The communities we serve are also important stakeholders, with needs identified and served by nonprofits. I’m always proud of the way our company…our people…support the communities in which we do business. Without these actions, our core values would be just posters on the wall.

Why is Hope Blooms’ message important? Why do small acts of kindness matter?
We’ve all experienced it. There are moments in our lives in which we may feel overwhelmed or perhaps only tired. Then something unexpected happens. Someone says or does something that is just plain nice and we get a kick of energy. It’s not only emotional, it’s a physiological reaction. We are built to be in relationship with each other and it doesn’t take much to be reassured that we matter.

Flowers are really important at Hope Blooms! What is your favorite flower?
Several years ago, I was encouraged to have fresh flowers in my office so I usually buy bouquets at the grocery store that are long lasting. But if YOU are going to send me flowers, I have always loved yellow roses…and yes, I do know that Hope Blooms has a wonderful story about a gentleman that received yellow roses. Go volunteer at Hope Blooms to hear the story. If you don’t get choked up, check your pulse.